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    Kinetic Sculpture

    Aurora is a continuously changing work of art, and words can scarcely explain how the observer gets drawn under its spell. For this reason, you should absolutely take a peek at the Video top right. You'll get really enthused and flip out with the endless dance of the Wings and the kaleidoscope-like ever changing patterns.

    Just like with the 'Northern Lights' - the Aurora Borealis - my Aurora will also enthrall all spectators with the ever changing kaleidoscope patterns and their hypnotic effect.

    Aurora is just driven by a Spring, which runs for 4 to 5 hours at a time. The control feature is governed by two 'Pawls', which exert the spring-drive pressure onto the Wings just at the right moment. The construction of this unique set of mechanics was quite a challenge, I can tell you, but it was worth the attempt in the end.

    The Wheels of Aurora have very large exterior dimensions - 90 centimeters (36"). That makes them into a pretty impressive appearance on any wall. Even when the Wheels are not turning and are still and dormant.

    Because of the dimensions, quite a lot of fretwork is going to be necessary to build the 'Aurora'. The components are designed in such a way, that you can work them with a my CNC router Solidis (with a 300 x 300 mm work face) or with a larger CNC machine.

    I am not selling Aurora as a finished work of art, but only as a digital plans in PDF format. You can therefore printout the plans yourself and build your own Aurora

    But, in addition to the plans, you are going to need the Spring too! And, you can unfortunately only get the Spring from me. Aurora can only function with the Spring.

    Owners of a CNC machine can get the dxf file free-of-charge from me, after the purchase of the plans.

    The plans and the dxf file are only in metric. At the end of the plans, there is of course a conversion table for the inch dimensions of all the gauges of the wooden components and the drill holes.

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