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    Wooden CNC Router

    This compact CNC Router is suitable for all those who want to mill soft materials like wood or plastic.

    Her smart and stable design (hence the name Solidis), allows it to build the machine from wood. Because wood is very easy to work. Anyone with a drill, a jigsaw and a router (or table saw) can build the machine.

    High quality components like Ball Screws (D=16 x 5 mm), Linear Motion Ball Slide Guides and Units (D=16 mm) and powerful Stepper Motors (180Ncm, 2.5A, 1.8°) are used. The strong design allows also to build a high-quality, specially designed milling motor to the machine. All this ensures that the machine works with fast feed rates which results in a minimized milling time. Milling examples with milling datas can be seen in the video.

    Bellows for protection against chips and dirt; and Reference Switches on each axis, ensure longevity and ease of use.

    The working area of the machine is designed for the production of gears and guarantees high rigidity. Larger parts are also possible if they are assembled after the milling.

    The power supply of the machine is realized with a computer power supply and can be used worldwide.

    The construction of this machine costs around € 900,00 (without Computer and Milling Motor). That is a good price for a CNC Router of this class.

    This machine is definitely not a beginner project. Requirements are woodworking skills and patience, because this project takes some time. Don't worry if you had nothing to do with electronics since now, because there is not much electronic work and everything is described in the plans, and in the manufacturer's instructions. I have also described the installation and setup of the Control Software in detail.

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