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    Mechanical Wooden Art

    woodthatworks.com - Impressive mechanical artworks by David C. Roy

    bustedbricks.com - Marble Machines from Michael Henriksen

    Mechanical Blogs

    kugelbahn.blog.de - German blog about Kinetic Art, Rolling Ball Sculptures and Automatas

    The Automata Blog - English blog with great articles

    Wooden Geared Clocks - English facebook group about wooden clocks

    General Woodworking

    woodgears.ca - "Selfmademan" Matthias Wandel impresses with his inventions

    ibuildit.ca - John Heisz shows in his videos great ideas to optimize the workshop.

    woodworkingformeremortals.com - YouTube Star Steve Ramsey builds every week a new project

    frankmakes.com - Video artist Frank Howarth shows many great real wood projects


    FEINSCHNITTkreativ - German magazine about scrolling

    Holzwerken - German high-quality magazine on general woodworking with many tips and tricks

    ScrollSaw Magazine - Magazine from the USA about Scroll Saw Art