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    Weight driven Wooden Clock

    This simple, elegant clock will be automatically the center of any room. That's the reason why it is called Zentira.

    It has a Hour Hand and a Minute Hand. Nevertheless it's design is very simple, so even skilful beginners can build this clock. The Winding Barrel is located between the two frame plates which the friction is minimized. The Going Train and the Escapement is easy to maintain and easy to see, on the front of the clock.

    The Weight is attached to a cord, which is wound around the Winding Barrel. For winding the clock, simply move the Counter Weight to the ground. It couldn't be any faster and easier. After that, the clock runs at least 25 hours.

    The plans include detailed assembly drawings, a step by step guide with easy to understand 3d pictures, a materials list and drawings of all parts in original size.

    The plans are completely in German and English. All measurements are given in millimeters and inches.

    zentira bild 1 zentira bild 2 zentira bild 4 zentira bild 3 zentira bild 6