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Über mich

Christopher Blasius

I would like to introduce myself for those who are asking, who is the person behind "". My name is Christopher Blasius and I live in Germany in the beautiful region Palatinate. In "real life" I work as a mechanical designer at a machine manufacturer, where I am developing new machines. At work I am using primarily steel, but for private projects I prefer wood. In contrast to the cold, hard steel, wood is easier to process and "warm". "" combines my professional experience and my personal interests into a wonderful hobby that I enjoy very much.

Design process of a new project

At the beginning of a new project there is always the idea. Mostly it comes completely unexpected. Then after an extended period of time, the idea is "ready", or I combine it with other ideas until I like it. Then I start with the design process. At this stage, I have usually already drawn a few sketches, which I use to design the mechanism at the computer. This is where I have to solve the first problems, so that design and function are in harmony. The results from this are the drawings of the individual parts, which I then cut, or since I have Solidis, mill in my small shop. After the assembling of these parts, I get normally, the first functioning prototype. Often I need to change some parts again, make them stronger, or correct errors. But sometimes it also happens that I have to build a completely new prototype because the changes are too extensive. This is then repeated, until I'm satisfied with the result. Then I complete the plans by writing a manual and improving the quality of the drawings, for a better understanding. Finally I cut the movie from several video snippets that I filmed during the prototype construction. The last step of this long journey, from the idea to the finished plans, is the publication. Most of my projects I build only once, because the construction and designing is what make me the most fun.

Your feedback

It is always a great pleasure for me, when I get e-mails or letters, where you write about your experiences during the building process. There are often images of your finished projects included. Some of them you can see at my facebook or Pinterest page. Meanwhile it is a beautiful collection of pictures and storys. I thank you for that. Your feedback, positive as well as negative, allows me to make the plans even better and gives me the motivation to develop new projects.