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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a newsletter that keeps me informed when there are news?

Yes. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please register here.

Can I also buy finished clocks and automatas?

No. I only sell plans of my designs.

What file format are the plans?

The plans are saved as PDF files. If you want I will send you also the DXF file, which you need to make the parts with a cnc-machine, via email. Please write me a mail after purchasing the PDF plans, if you need them.

How can I pay?

The payment of the plans is via PayPal. At PayPal you can select different payment methods. If you want to pay by credit card or direct debit you don't need a PayPal account. You can pay with PayPal as a guest. Remember in this case, enter your mail address when ordering so I can mail you the plans.

When do I get the plans?

After payment, I will send the plans within two working days via e-mail to you. PayPal sends me your e-mail address. Please ensure that this is correct.

Can I build several objects from one plan and sell them?

After purchasing the plans you can build as many objects as you want. But a commercial sale of the objects is not permitted.

How are the plans structured?

The plans are a detailed documentation as digital PDF file, to reproduce my projects for private use. The core of the plans is a detailed description of the function and the individual building steps with many useful tips. This is supplemented by a complete list of materials in which you find all materials that are required for the construction, including dimensions, quantities and suggested sources of supply. Also included are drawings and pictures that illustrate the assembly process as well as drawings of all individual parts. The parts are usually drawn in their original size, so you can glue the drawing directly to the wood. For parts that are larger than one page, you have to glue several pages together or the parts are so simple that you can transfer them based on the measurements to the wood. If you want an example you can download the small but free plans of the wooden automaton "Katz & Maus". The page size is DIN A4. If you can not get DIN A4 paper, you can print the plans also to "Legal" paper.

I can not speak German. Can I read the plans too?

All plans are bilingual german/english. All measurements are in millimeters. If you live in a country where the imperial system (inch) is used, you have to convert them. A construction according to my plans is still possible without any problems, because you can get similar measurements of wood and rods in the imperial system. You have only, for example, adapt the diameter of the holes to the other rod material diameter.

How accurate are wooden clocks?

Basically, it does not matter from which material the clock is. The important component is the pendulum. The length of the pendulum is responsible for a fast or slow running clock. The wooden pendulum is, depending of temperature and humidity, longer or shorter. This is bad for the accuracy ot the clock. A difference of ten minutes a day on some days is quite possible. You should see the wooden clocks as kinetic art.

Which wood is best suited to build the objects?

I use baltic birch plywood. It's a plywood with excellent processing characteristics. Not to compare with poplar plywood. Of course you can also use solid wood. However, this is more difficult because you have to pay attention to the grain of the wood. Solid wood is also a living material which is susceptible to temperature and humidity. On YouTube there are some good videos where you can see how you can make plywood from solid wood. Then you have the solid wood look and the advantages of plywood.

What's up with the difficulty levels?

So that you do not take over, I indicate the degree of difficulty at each of my projects. There are three levels. Easy, Medium and Difficult. If you follow these recommendations, then you can be sure that you can complete the project successfully and with joy.

Easy This level is for you, if you have never or only rarely worked with wood. But patience and accurate work should still count to your strengths. Especially if you want to saw out the parts by hand.

Medium is for everyone who already has experience with woodworking.

Difficult projects should only target those who have already built a wooden clock or something similar.

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