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Wooden Clock "Korona"


This wooden clock is driven by a weight and has as a special feature a very large, centrally arranged escape wheel, which is constantly in motion and draws everyone's attention. This wheel is responsible for the name because it reminds me of the corona of the sun, how it happens during a solar eclipse.


Operating Principle

To read the time, the clock has an hour- and a minute hand. You have also a second hand which is a hole at the outer diameter of the escape wheel that travels in one minute once around the dial. The clock runs 25 hours with one wind and then you have to rewind it. This requires only a few seconds because the weight is hanging on a chain.

The clock has difficulty level "Difficult" because it is very sensitive due to the large escape-wheel. So she stops very easily if the friction between the gears is too large. You need some patience to get the clock running. But if it runs you get the reward for the effort.

Woodworking Plans

The plans include detailed assembly drawings, a step by step guide, a materials list and drawings of all parts in original size.

The plans are completely in English and German. Dimensions are indicated in metric (mm).


Owners of a CNC machine can get the dxf file free-of-charge from me, after the purchase of the plans.