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Wooden Clock "Magica"


This compact clock in a transparent skeleton design is really something quite special. Its Magical Name is derived from the solenoid-coil drive. The short pendulum and both the fingers, which turn the clockwork provide a dynamic appearance for the clock. It is absolutely fantastic to watch how the fingers untiringly run over the large escape wheel. Another benefit of this clock is its whisper-quiet tick. It can therefore even be installed in the bedroom.


Operating Principle

The solenoid-coil-drive gives the impression that the clock magically runs by itself. Of course, that is not the case, because batteries are hidden within its slim framework. They ensure, that the clock is provided with sufficient electric power over several months. There are no nuisance-causing cables and weights. The clock is equipped with an easily readable dial, and at the same time a very short pendulum. The core of the clock is its solenoid coil and the circuit board. Neither of these need be complicatedly wound and soldered by you. You can get these from a cheap component available throughout the world. The Building Instructions will provide information on how to get these. And, you need no special skills in electronics. Well, you will have to use a soldering iron, certainly. But even those, who never touched a soldering iron in their life before will be alright. Because, there are only three soldering points to attend to. All construction stages are precisely explained in the Building Instructions and well-illustrated.

Further Information

Thanks to these characteristics, the clockwork is so compact, that it is completely enclosed by the dial, without the protrusion of disturbing components. That means, a nice little place can easily be found for your clock. You have free choice. You can decide using your clock as a table piece, or you can hang it on the wall. The various components are drawn in the plans and these can subsequently be simply used to make any required exchanges.

Woodworking Plans

The plans include detailed assembly drawings, a step by step guide with easy to understand 3d pictures, a materials list and drawings of all parts in original size.

The plans are completely in English and German. Dimensions are of course indicated in metric (mm) and imperial (inch).


Owners of a CNC machine can get the dxf file free-of-charge from me, after the purchase of the plans.