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Wooden Clock "Rotara"


Rotara is designed as an entry-level clock. Through its simple design anyone with a scroll saw can build the clock if he cuts the parts carefully and if he is patient during the commissioning. The number of parts is reduced to its essentials. Without a Minute Hand the clock needs no complex Dial Train. This requires that the Hour Hand is fixed and the Dial rotates. So she got her name.


Operating Principle

48 holes in the Hour Wheel allow it to read the time in quarter hours. Usually you don't need to know the time more accurate. Optimized tooth geometry, the thought-out frame design and an improved pendulum suspension simplify the commission of the clock considerably. The Weight is attached to a cord, which is wound around the Winding Barrel. For winding the clock, simply move the Counter Weight to the ground. It couldn't be any faster and easier. After that, the clock runs at least 25 hours.

Woodworking Plans

The plans include detailed assembly drawings, a step by step guide with easy to understand 3d pictures, a materials list and drawings of all parts in original size.

The plans are completely in English and German. Dimensions are of course indicated in metric (mm) and imperial (inch).


Owners of a CNC machine can get the dxf file free-of-charge from me, after the purchase of the plans.