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Wooden Tellurion "Tellurix"


Tellurix is a Tellurion. These devices are illustrating the movements of the earth and moon relative to the sun. Tellurix looks not only visually interesting by its skeletonized design and it catches all the eyes. It is also wonderful to explain the seasons and the phases of the moon.


Operating Principle

The Tellurion is powered by a hand crank. The ratio of the gears causes, that twelve revolutions of the crank are required for one orbit around the sun. One revolution of the crank corresponds approximately a month.

Woodworking Plans

The plans include detailed assembly drawings, a step by step guide, a materials list and drawings of all parts in original size.

The plans are completely in English and German. Dimensions are indicated in metric (mm).


Owners of a CNC machine can get the dxf file free-of-charge from me, after the purchase of the plans.